Quest Academy’s priority is the health and safety of our staff and students. Quest will continue to remain in-person throughout the school year. Quest will follow the NC Safe School Toolkit provided by the NC Department of Public Instruction. In addition to following all the health measures, Quest has installed sanitizer stations outside every classroom and provided air purifiers for every classroom. Quest also added a new air filtration system to the entire HVAC system.

Students are required to stay at home when they have been exposed to COVID-19. Quarantining is based on the mandates set by the Department of Health and Human Services.

When possible, students will maintain physical distance in the building.

Students will wash their hands after using the restroom and use hand sanitizer before they walk into any classroom.

Students will use the water bottle filling station instead of using water fountains. They are not allowed to eat or drink in the building. There are allotted times for mask breaks outside to have snack, drinks and eat lunch.

Classroom and surfaces are cleaned daily with approved disinfectant.

Staff and students are the only ones permitted in the building.

Per the mask policy adopted September 20, 2021, Quest mandates face coverings are to be worn by all students and staff while in the building. This policy is to be reviewed at each monthly board meeting. The mask requirements provide by NC Department of Health and Human Services in the NC Safe School Toolkit are followed.

For there to be a mask exemption, a Quest Medical Exemption form must be filled out by a medical doctor. If the students meet the mask exemption requirement, they are still required to wear a face shield.

Click here for NC Safe Schools Toolkit

Quest Mask Policy and Mask Exemption form available upon request.