Quest Academy Success Student, Eric

Meet Eric.

Eric is currently playing soccer on a competitive level as a leader on the field in Midfield position. Quest has given Eric a strong academic foundation and the shorter day provides ample time to pursue his passion of sports and other interests.

Quest Academy Successful Student, Allison

Meet Allison.

In the 2016 season, Allison took 1st in the World Wakeboard Association Nationals (WWA), 3rd in Canada in the WWA Worlds, tied her sister for 1st in the Gravel Tour in Orlando, and 1st in the intermediate division against both boys and girls in the local Wake the Lake event in Charlotte. So yeah, Quest Academy student, Allison, is pretty awesome.

Quest Academy Successful Athlete, Kolbie

Meet Kolbie.

Kolbie spends almost every afternoon riding multiple horses and ponies to practice for her many competitions. Competitions in which she is a top performer, winning some of the largest shows in the North Carolina piedmont area. Quest Academy's shorter day allows Kolbie to continue mastering her craft in pony and horseback riding.


Welcome to Quest Academy Charter School

Achieving Excellence in Academics While Pursuing Individual Talents.

Quest Academy will provide a quality academic accelerated day program for motivated students who are pursuing high-intensity training outside the classroom. Quest Academy is designed to promote academic excellence and substantial extracurricular involvement in athletics or performance in fine arts. This activity does not equate with religious or youth activities and includes professional instruction outside of the home.

So what does high-intensity training outside the classroom mean? Enrolled students need to be in an activity for the given amount of hours designated by grade each week. Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Wakeboarding, Swimming, Soccer, Tennis, Tae-Kwon-Do, Horseback Riding, Football, Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Golf, Ballet/Dance, Piano, and Acting/Theater are all activities which fall under our mission. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Indian Princess, Indian Guides, Choir, Church Youth Group, and Art Classes do not fall under our Mission Statement.

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