Event Parking Map

Do not park on the lanes going around the back of the school between the hours of 8:00am until 8:30am and 1:00pm until 1:30pm for any reason. Students are being dropped off or picked up during those times. At other times when you are attending a school event, enter the school site from Strickland Road, stay in the right lane going around the back of the school and come to a stop near “student pick-up” where the word “STOP” is painted on the asphalt. This is where the first car would park and each car thereafter should park in the same right lane leaving enough space to get out. This will allow for maximum use of the parking lane. The left lane will be used for traffic to leave early or other traffic to get by. We may at times use the front drive for parking, but that will only be used if needed and by instruction only. We are required to leave one lane open for fire vehicles. If there are opportunities to carpool during our special events, it would help greatly.