About Us

Quest Academy opened in 1999 and has continuously ranked among the best in North Carolina. Quest Academy students consistently demonstrate, through State Testing, their ability to maintain the highest academic standards while simultaneously committing themselves to excellence outside the classroom.

Quest Academy evolved from a private school known as the Helen Paesler School. In 1993, the Helen Paesler School opened to accommodate the rigorous training schedule of the gymnasts participating in the Gymcarolina competitive team program. The goal was to provide a high quality education that would be flexible to the demands placed on these children in pursuit of their chosen interests. Through a shortened, more intensive school day and a year-round academic schedule, the Helen Paesler School sought to accomplish its goal. The Helen Paesler School became Quest Academy in 1999, continuing the mission.

Our Mission

Quest Academy will provide a quality academic accelerated day program for motivated students who are pursuing high-intensity training outside the classroom. Quest Academy is designed to promote academic excellence and substantial extracurricular involvement in athletics or performance in fine arts. This activity does not equate with religious or youth activities and includes professional instruction outside of the home.

So what does high-intensity training outside the classroom mean? Your child needs to be in an activity for the given amount of hours designated by grade each week. Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Swimming, Soccer, Tennis, Tae-Kwon-Do, Horseback Riding, Football, Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Golf, Ballet/Dance, Piano, and Acting/Theater are all activities which fall under our mission. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Indian Princess, Indian Guides, Choir, Church Youth Group, and Art Classes do not fall under our Mission Statement.

“Achieving excellence in academics while pursuing individual talents”