What is MTSS?

Multi-Tiered System of Supports, or MTSS, allows teachers to quickly identify student needs and the best methods to address them. These can be needs of individual students or groups of students, related to academics, behavior or both. The idea is to get each and every student - those with profound needs, those who are exceptionally gifted and all those in between - what he or she requires to be successful.

Administrators, teachers and specialists have undergone intensive training. MTSS coaches assist them in making sure they are using best practices to make sure all students are getting what they need to succeed.


It will make all students more successful in school and on track for graduation, while preparing them to be college or career ready. MTSS has been implemented and proven effective in districts across the country. An independent study released in January, for example, found that “Kansas MTSS is substantially contributing to improved student outcomes at the local level, as well as benefitting teachers, improving instruction, and supporting better school functioning.”

How does MTSS work?

MTSS has three levels, or tiers, of instruction and support, all aimed at giving teachers a streamlined way to provide the best instruction to all students.

  • Tier I includes the instruction and support provided to all children.
  • Tier II serves students needing more help. Extra instruction and support often are provided to these children in small groups.
  • Tier III is for children who need intense support in order to succeed. Extra instruction and support are provided, often in even smaller groups or one-on-one.

MTSS provides guidelines to more quickly identify both challenges and solutions. Timely data - including test scores, suspension rates, attendance and more - are used to help problem solve and identify the levels of supports needed for students.

For more information please contact the EC director at 919-841-0441.

* Adapted from WCPSS *

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